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Clinical Supervision and Psychotherapy


I offer short term (up to 12 sessions) or longer term psychotherapy to individuals and couples. My approach is integrative, which honours the specific needs of the client and uses the approach most suitable at that time. My training and special interest is in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, which is a holistic approach that addresses the different aspects of life: emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual. Transpersonal means to go beyond the usual sense of identity to encompass a wider sense of self and the world.

People may come to therapy because they feel blocked, stagnant, distressed, out of control or unsure. They may have problems in relationships, dissatisfaction with life or experience a loss of direction or purpose.

Others may be experiencing none of the above, but may seek a therapeutic space that allows for staying close to oneself, one’s life purpose and provides the opportunity to focus on what gives meaning to their life.

Others may simply want a better understanding of their own behaviours, emotional reactions and patterns. Therapy is a powerful tool for growth and self-awareness.

Central to the therapy is the relationship between therapist and client. My aim is to build a trusting relationship in which the client feels accepted and understood; a safe and secure space in which to explore various aspects of life, allowing for release and crucially a deepening awareness.

Clinical Supervision

Supervision is an opportunity to stand back, think and reflect with another on the counselling work that you are doing. Taking a step back in this way can give perspective. It is an opportunity to focus in a mutual way. It can offer fresh insight into what is going on for a client, and keep your work dynamic and alive. It can help to make sense of your work.

In addition the supervision space is an opportunity to explore what is going on for you, as a therapist, whilst working with a client. It is an opportunity to develop reflective practice with clients. This in turn, will provide valuable ‘data’ to take back to your work with the client.

Supervision should be an alive and stimulating space. It is an opportunity to make counselling and psychotherapy work more interesting; provide more angles; uncover more of the unknown forces at work, both internally for the client and in relationship.

Supervision can be a place to help frame a hypothesis about the therapeutic work, and then take this back to the client to try out. It is a place to develop a trusting relationship so that you can be direct with clients in a respectful way.

The kind of questions you might be asked in supervision are: what intrigues you about your client? What is the unknown? Where does your energy go? What is your learning edge? What does this situation evoke for you?

My aim is to offer a safe, enabling and creative space in which to make these explorations.

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